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About Brain Health

Our brain is responsible for our wellbeing. If our brain is not ok, we are not ok.

Understanding the way our brain works, what can help it and what hurts it makes a huge difference in the way we function in our lives.

As a certified brain health coach by Dr. Amen, I have access to tools which are based on empirical data from functional brain scans.

Functional brain scans helps us understand why we may be struggling with depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and addiction.

It sheds lights on why we may feel the way we do and offers possible solutions to what we can do to change it.
Most of us will go see a psychiatrist and leave the office with a prescription.

Dr. Amen’s work emphasizes the importance of “looking at the brain” in order to identify what is wrong with it.
I can guide you in finding the best approach for you to start getting real answers about the root of your mental health issues so you can start living a life where you feel good, make good decisions and live the life that you deserve.

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